Fabrics and washing instructions

We added 100 fabrics in the list, I think it enogh to pick a fabric to make covers, and indeed we have more fabric options

1. Heavy duty fabrics.

The heavy duty fabric is made of 100% cotton, the fabric is thick, soft and looks elegent, it is a very good fabric to replace your original cotton fabric, we preshrunk the fabric before make a cover, and you don't need to worry about the shrinkage problem. The covers are machine washable in cold water and need spin dry.

This is preshrink.

2.Velvet fabrics

The velvet fabrics is the fabric I recommended, the reason I recommend it because the fabric is very durable for frequent washing, it is easy to clean in washing machine,and the most exciting think is that there are 80 colors you can choose from.


3.Linen blend fabrics

The  Linen blend fabric is made of linen on the surface and bamboo faber on the back side, machine washable in colde water and need spin dry, the fabric looks good, and we also have grid patterns availble but if you have cats, this fabric won't be a good choice. :-)

4.Patterned fabrics

These patterned fabrics are quite beautifully, 100% cotton, if you decorated the house in simple colors, a patterned sofa cover may make your home look unquie, machine washable with over 30 choices.

 5. Chenille fabrics


Good quality fabrics,  thick and heavy, the fabric is mahine washable and esay to clean, the color looks nice, over 20 colors available.

6. Faux lether fabric

The faux leather fabrics look nicely, and not the cheap kind, it just need wipe to clean, and we have more than 30 colors available.

7.Dense weave fabrics

This is a economy and nice choice, easy to clean and fast dry, we have 40 colors available

8. Waterproof fabrics

This fabrics are more suitable for outdoor use, it just need wipe to clean and not washable

9. Cotton poly blend fabrics

If you don't have a lot budget for a cover, this would be a economy choice, but it's thinner than other fabrics.









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