Discountinued Sofa Covers

IKEA discountinued to make cover for some popular couches,for example, the ektorp 2 seat sofa sleeper, or the Karlstad 2+3/3+2 Sofa , the furinture may be very useful with good design, but it's hard to buyer a new cover for it.

Here you can find covers for most discountinued furnitures, and we're updating our products, you will find new products soon.

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  • Michael Melesurgo says...
    On November 19, 2019

    I have a Ikea, Nockeby 2 cushion sofa with a Left arm facing chaise. Can you make me covers in a leather or faux leather. My cats damaged my fabric covers.

  • Linda says...
    On September 03, 2019

    Yes, we make Stocksund 3 seat sofa covers, and we’re updateing the website, more sofa cover models, and new arrived fabrics will be updated soon.

  • Linda says...
    On September 03, 2019

    Yes, we have the kinds of blue and white fabric, and we can make all covers in those fabrics, and we’ll keep updating new arrival fabrics. :-)

  • Lama says...
    On September 03, 2019

    I’m trying to look for a cover for the STOCKSUND
    3-seat sofa

  • merrilee winter says...
    On September 03, 2019

    can you please tell me can you make covers in blue and white stripe. for ektorp 2 seater, and 2 armchairs and 1 footstool

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