Full fabric list

We listed 100 fabrics, and it looks a lot but we do understand the fabric you need may not in the list, and yes we have more fabric available and we may have new arrival fabric. You can find all fabrics we have here and make a better choice.

Heavy Duty Cotton Fabric

Beside the standard colors ,we have both pure-white and off-white color and we have new arrived mint green, mustard yellow, orange and lake blue colors.


Linen Blend Fabrics

Besides the pure colored fabrics we have grid fabrics in beige grid, dark beige, gray grid, coffee grid and dark coffee grid.


Velvet Fabrics

There are 77 colors in total


Faux Leather Fabrics

Here are 3 different series and more colors.


 Water Proof Fabrics (price is as same as cotton fabric covers)


Simple grid and stripe fabrics (price is as same as cotton fabric covers)


Floral fabrics 










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