Finished Sofa Covers Collection

We'll show some findished covers in the  list of each kinds sofa covers, And I"d like to show some finished covers here, and I hope it helps for chooseing fabrics.

The cotton fabrics would be a classic option, and this is a heavy duty cotton fabric cover, and this is a ektorp sofa cover.


Besides the normal options, we can custom make covers and make it with or without a skirt on a ektorp 3 seat sofa cover.

We have 80 different colors for the velvet fabric, we only listed the most popular colors, and you have more colors options. Sometimes a contrast pipping cover might be a nice change if you're tired of simple colored sofa covers, and this is a ektorp 2 seat sofa bed cover and a ektorp armchair cover.


And here is a bright yellow velvet fabric Friheten cover, it changed the dark gray furniture.

And here is a gray green ektorp 2 seat sofa cover, a very special color.


And if you like more colors, we have the floral pattern covers, this is a ektorp sofa with chaise cover in pattern 1.

A faux leather cover may change the look of the fabric sofa and make it look elegent, it could be a classic color. It's very nice to make a Kivik sofa cover in faux leather fabric.

Or in a beatifully modern color, this is a  Kivik 3 seat sofa cover in light blue faux leather.


 And here is a patterned Strandmon chair cover and a Strandmon footstool cover, the patterned strandmon cover would look very nicely in your home.


We have some beautiful fabrics, but the vendor may not be able to supply the fabircs stably and that is why we didn't put them into the lists, and if you like those fabrics please contact us first to check if they're available.

for example we managed to find the fabric matches the classic Karlstad sofa cover Isunda gray color, but this fabric may not always available.

Gray color might be classic, but sometimes you may tired of the old cover, then change a bright color, it will looks totally different, here is a yellow cotton Tullsta chair cover photo share by a happy customer, is it looks much better than the gray one?


Alll the covers are part of the covers we've already finished, and if you want one of custom made cover which make your home look better, we have lots colors and fabrics options, and we can custom make some changes for you.

Just simply place a order from the lists, or if you have need some custom changes, please contact us.




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