3 Steps to Put Sofa Cover to Enhance the Look of Your Furniture

Sofa cover not only helps to improve the visual appearance of your furniture; it is also protection of the couch to help it last longer. Covering a one-seater sofa is considerably easier than layering a cover on a large couch. You will need to use the accurate size cover because it should be stretchy enough to cover transversely the entire hair.

Apart from this, it is also important to purchase the right sofa cover for covering your furniture. It is ideal to find a reliable sofa cover manufacturer and supplier for purchasing the best quality Muren sofa cover, chair cover, curtain, cushion cover, and many others. Below, I’m going to share some tips to put a couch cover perfectly.

1. Take the Dimension of the Sofa

A slipcover will only fit effortlessly on the sofa if you got the accurate size. So, write the dimensions of your couch first and use them as a guide when purchasing or making a cover.

To get the accurate dimension, first, take the sofa’s size by measuring from the tip of one arm onto the back of the couch. While the sofa length is just the dimension from the exterior of one arm to another. At that moment, take the height of the furniture by engaging the tape portion from the floor to the top of the back of the sofa.

You should also take the dimension of cushions. Simply remove the cushion on the back and seat of the couch conferring to the way they are fitted. Consider that sofa cushions can either be fixed or loose.

2. Put on the Sofa Cover

You will twitch with the back of the unadorned sofa. Remove the sofa cover and put it over the upper back angle of the couch. All the upper crooks should be enclosed completely as you pull the cover down.

Then, cover the seat area and each sofa arm with their chosen slipcovers. You will need to wrench down each protection to secure them under the lower bend edges of the sofa. Polish the covers to confirm a cozy fit and if they are positioned correctly.

3. Set the Sofa for Use

Return the cushions to the seating area and make the essential alterations. Polish the supplies and do the similar with the back cushions. Install their selected covers steadily and pleat them kindly to stop wrinkles on the fabrics. At this point, you can also put your throw pillows and blankets to enhance the look and functionality of the sofa.

Can You Use a Fitted Sheet as A Couch Cover?

It’s probable to use a close-fitting sheet on your sofa, determining that you are making a slipcover. You should cut the fabric consequently so that you will come to be a snug fit on your couch. The key is using a fabric that can cover the cushions to take less work desired for adjustment.

  • Put the sofa cushion in the midpoint of the sheet and cover it to know the size you want
  • Cut the additional fabric and pin the cover in place
  • Stitch the slipcover by hand or with a sewing machine though allotting a one and a half-inch seam allowance
  • Consent the back open, and choose if you want to add a zipper

Using a sofa cover will help improve the look of your furniture and also protect it from heavy wear. You can find one of the best slipcover manufacturing companies to purchase the best quality Muren sofa cover, cushion cover, chair cover, curtain, and many others.

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