5 Factors a Pet Owner Should Consider When Buying a Sofa Cover

If you are a dog cat owner you surely know the brawl between making your furry friend comfy and keeping your luxurious furniture safe. It is not easy to preserve your favorite sectional clean and neat. It also becomes more difficult when you have a frisky or messy pet. But a high-quality furniture cover will help you solve that problem.

Most sofa covers for pet owners only defend the backrest, seats, and arms— but if your dog or cat loves to scrape the edges of the couch then it is ideal to find the best sofa covers. It is ideal to find one of the best sofa cover manufacturers and suppliers to find the best slipcover, like Kivik, that fit  best into your interior. If your sofa requires a second chance for a reasonable price - a sofa cover is your solution. Below, I’m going to share some important things that a pet owner should consider when buying a sofa cover.

1. Material

When you are going to choose a slipcover, you should look for high-quality material. Always choose covers that are made of high-quality, thick fabric. The fabric has also unique patterns and structures. It is also important to determine that the fabric is 100% hypoallergenic and ideal for homes with kids and pets.

2. Perfect Fit

To get 100% out of your sofa pet protector - it has to be stretchy and cover sofa arms. You can choose a bi-elastic material because it stretches along with sofa shape along with the required shape, and the cardboards also help to keep the slipcover in place. This type of cover is picture-perfect for any piece of furniture – from a recliner to an L-shaped sofa.

3. Style

Now, it is possible to refresh your old sofa or protect your new one in style. You can find a wide range of colors, high-quality fabrics, and amazing patterns that will match your taste and fit into any interior.

4. Installation

One thing that anyone doesn’t definitely want to avoid when purchasing a new furniture cover is slipping. For making your experience flawless, you should make sure your slipcovers are easy to install and remove. They don’t take extra time and work. Your covers should only take minutes for refreshing your room and give your favorite a much-required makeover.

5. Maintenance

You should choose a cover that will show excellent durability and are machine washable. They are very easy to clean, so you don’t have to think about washing them too frequently. Now, covers also come with water-repellent effects, so you can simply wipe off the spilled liquids. If a more thorough cleaning is required, your covers should take only one machine wash for making them look brand new.

These are some important things that a pet owner should consider when choosing a sofa cover. At LindaKale, we provide high-quality sofa covers, like Kivik, in a wide range of colors and patterns that will help our customers to save money, effort, as well as protect their furniture from pet damage.

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