5 S’s of Choosing a Sofa – Helping You Pick the Best Option

Should I buy a sofa that I like or that fits my home space? Should I go for a sectional sofa or a different one? Should I look at our requirement when picking a sofa or should I go with one that I find appealing in a store?

Whatever concern you have when deciding on a couch or a lounge or a sofa (whatever you may call), it can get really puzzling at that time. Sofas are a basic need for any home, and whether you like a favoured Gronlid piece, or any other one, there are several aspects that you have to go through. Here, we are listing down some basic principles known as 5 S’s that you should follow when buying a sofa:

  1. Size

Size is the most important and basic factor that you have to consider when picking a sofa for your home. Not only the sofa has to fit your interior space, but should be functionally right for you, as well as maximize the living room space effortlessly.

Ideally you should follow the 2:3 rule – meaning the sofa should fit about two-third space of the living room at max. When adding a coffee table, it should be two-third size of the sofa. Make sure that you draw out the measurements of the space clearly and then pick the right size sofa.

  1. Style

What style you prefer for a sofa decides how reflective the piece is pertaining to your personality. You have to follow the recent design trends, pick a sofa style that blends well with your space. An approach to consider is that you can have that sofa piece as the centrepiece. Another one is to have the sofa blend into the full room space. You have to define whether it is a subtle addition or a loud one that fits your space well.

  1. Shade

The colour, texture and the shade of the sofa is an important consideration as well as it evokes the feelings and mood. To decide this aspect, ask yourself – whether you need the sofa to be a passionate one, or a bold one, or want it to feel natural, or want it to evoke a certain feel? Consider different colour schemes, mix and match and experiment all to find the right one. Blue is for calm, green is for a lively ambience, red denotes passion, and so on.

  1. Softness

This factor has to be decided upon after design what purpose and objective you have regarding the use of your sofa. A guest-specific sofa should be better in a firm make. However, if you like lying around on the couch for reading binge-watching or to take a nap, a soft sofa is the better pick.

Talking about softness, you can go for a pleasantly plush one, or a mellow medium one, or a strongly supportive or a soft supportive one.

  1. Sensibility

While this principle is something that many may not think about, it is an equally significant factor to consider. You have to decide whether a certain pick would be sensible and practical for you space. Like a large and big sofa won’t go well with a small-size apartment living room. Is the costing of the sofa right to fit your needs? Does it reflect your personality and fits well with your lifestyle?

Now, after assessing and knowing all of the above S’s of a sofa, you would be well-equipped and well-informed to pick the right sofa, whether it is the premier Ektorp sofa piece or another one.

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