6 Reasons That Will Force You to Buy Chair Covers Right Away

If you have IKEA Nils chair, you must be looking for something cool or fancy that looks amazing to your home, dining room, or party occasion.

Here in this blog, we will tell you the 6 reasons that will compel you to have a cover for your chair right away.

Protects from expensive upholstery

Chairs are widely used in homes, wedding events, and birthday parties. People use it in many different ways for social games, seating arrangements, etc. These activities increase the chances of a chair getting stains.

That is why putting on a chair cover will protect your chair from possible damage and blemishes. With a slipcover on the chair, you won't have to worry about accidental spills and drips, or dirty marks made by pets or children

Nils Chair Cover without Armrest

Turn boring chairs into attractive ones

Old chairs have boring look. Your guests analyze your cleanliness standard based on how much your chair looks clean and safe. Of course, buying a new chair will cost you a lot. That is where chair cover comes in.

Suppose if you have dirty chairs which have irresistible stains so putting a chair cover onto it the only way out to turn your chair look great. Especially if you are organizing a party at your home, party chair covers help to cover any apparent damage to vulnerable parts such as scratches on the legs or other exposed parts.

Easy to launder and care

Most chair covers are entirely machine washable, so you can easily care for them. By following the proper washing and how-to-care instructions, your chair covers will survive long. So why go for expensive chair cover rentals or new chairs, simply launder the covers and use these chair covers with a fresh look.

 Wide options of colors and patterns

Chairs are versatile. You use them casually at home and for a special event or festival decoration. Since the range of decorations varies from occasion to occasion, you have a lot of options for different chair covers to choose from.

Whether you are looking for simple chair covers or trendy slipcovers that lift up the people's mood, chair coves can create a whole new look and appearance that will resonate perfectly with your party, guest hospitality, or festive celebration. For example, if you have IKEA Nils Chair, you will look for a simple and sophisticated Nils chair cover.

Decorate perfectly

Chair covers provide an affordable way to decorate your home furniture. You can choose their color, patterns, and design that perfectly blends with your table linens, backdrops, drapes, and other decor aspects. You don't have to spend a fortune to get that perfect look. You can even the sofa covers that match with party dress code.

Nils Stool Cover

Blend mismatched furniture

Sometimes you may get second-hand chairs from stores or your relatives. It can lead to mismatching furniture which throws off the look of your home. With chair or slipcovers, you can coordinate your mismatched furniture and make it blend seamlessly together.


We hope these reasons have given you an idea of how much chair covers are beneficial. If you want to add a stylish and modern look to your chair, putting slipcovers or chair covers can dramatically transform your simple-looking chair into a stunning seat.

At Lindakale, we offer over 100 quality material choices at affordable prices. Buy our custom made covers that will breathe new life into your old chair or discontinued IKEA sofas.

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