What Are The Things That You Should Consider While Buying Curtains?

Curtains are something that can completely make or break the whole look of your living room. A good curtain acts as the best type of home decor which makes your place look 100 times more aesthetic. Curtains come in so many different styles, lengths, colors, patterns, and fabrics that it is very easy to find something that goes well with the overall look of the house. It is important that you evaluate the major details to find the best curtains for your space, even if you don't have an interior design degree.

1. Style
The most important thing that you should consider while purchasing curtains is if you want to buy formal or casual curtains for your room. The material, color, and pattern of the curtain decide the formal or casual look. For example, formal curtains with proper pleats and elegant silk fabric look at the home and make for a perfect formal living room, on the other hand, a flat panel made of casual linen looks better in a casual space.

2. Color and Pattern
Everyone wants their curtains to look great, and the color and pattern of the curtain play an important role in that. When deciding between solids and patterns, make sure that you consider other details in the room as well so that the patterns perfectly match the overall vibe of the room.
If you have other decor pieces with lots of patterns on them, then you must opt for solid curtains to avoid the distraction. Textured curtains give you the best of both worlds, you get to add some interesting patterns while keeping it subtle with a solid color.

3. Material
Another important factor that you should consider while choosing a curtain is the material of the curtain. Lightweight fabrics are flowy and very soothing to look at, but they sometimes don't have enough weight or structure to suit a formal setting. Thick and heavy curtains are bulky and difficult to manage, especially when you have to open them. It is important to create the right balance between the weight, structure, and texture to match the look you want for the room.

4. Curtain Positioning
Positioning of the curtain is another important factor when you hang curtains, and it can make a huge impact on the size of the curtains that you buy. Most windows have a height of 4 to 6 but inching up a little higher gives the illusion that you have a tall window and a higher position can bring a touch of drama and an oomph factor to the room. Playing with different heights of the curtains on the rod can help you decide which placement you prefer.

5. Care and Maintenance
It is very important to look at the care requirements of your curtains because they affect how easy it is to clean your curtains and keep them looking like new. Some curtains can be machine washed and some can only be dry cleaned. Machine-washable curtains make it simple to toss the window coverings because they can be easily washed and you don't have to worry about the curtains being dirty.

A pair of curtains can change the overall look of the room. With the help of a little prudence and taking the proper time to think about the type of curtains you want and what will fit your room, you will end up with a pair of curtains that will effortlessly go with the whole aesthetic of the room.

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