5 Best Recliner Cover Ideas to Make Your Space Beautiful

Buying an all-new recliner cover can be expensive. Yes, we understand when kids and pets are around, wear and tear are inevitable. To keep your recliner look as good as new and super stylish, you should always invest in a custom recliner cover. That way you worry-less about those dirty paws and stains and sit back and relax.

If you want to choose the right cover for your favorite recliner, you should have a clear understanding of fabrics, materials, colors, and other trends. It is best to invest in a premium IKEA Muren recliner cover that fits your sofa, style, and overall interiors.

Read on for the ultimate guide to find out a great selection of recliner covers that suits your personality and space.

1. Soft and Stretchable Cover

A super soft, silky, and stretchable cover having a textured finish is enough to take your aesthetic décor to the next level. It is an excellent choice if you wish to protect your cover from children, pets, and accidental strains. This kind of slipcover looks good and versatile, all thanks to minimum care and maintenance requirements.

2. Quilted with Side Pockets

This could be the best way to protect your all-time favorite recliner from spills and stains and obtain additional storage. You can invest in a soft, luxurious, and comfortable fabric that is machine washable. The biggest advantage is, of course, storage space for books, TV remotes, and other small items on the side pocket.

3. Reversible Recliner Cover

This allows you to change the appearance of your recliner whenever you’d like. It is a must-have for people who easily get bored with things and need something fresh for their oversized recliner. It is a multi-faced cover option that works amazingly to transform the look and feel of your living space whenever needed.

4. Printed Recliner Slipcover

Love captivating printed design? Well, then protect your recliner with an extra comfy and lightweight slipcover that never disappoints on prints, colors, and textures. It safeguards from spills, stains, dirt, wears and tear while you enjoy lounging with your friends and family on a stylish recliner.

5. Leather Recliner Slipcover

It’s time to bring elegance and comfort to your life with easy to wash and waterproof leather recliner slipcover. If you’re a leather fanatic, then this is a great option for you. You can play smart with customization options and go for thoughtful design and side pockets to bring convenience and visual appeal at the same time.

If you’re looking for ideas to customize your recliner sofa in a unique way, you can go for these options to transform your living room. At our store, you will always find something out-of-the-box that incredibly blends in with your existing aesthetics and bring a wonderful element to your home.

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