6 Top Sofa Covers – Custom-Made Covers for Discontinued IKEA Manstad Sofa

Finding a new replacement for your old, outdated IKEA Manstad sofa bed cover? We understand couch and sofas suffer from spills, fading, wear, and dust over time. But that doesn’t mean you will need to give up on your existing sofa, instead get a custom-made cover to make your sofa look as good as new. 

Sofa covers usually come in two styles – either made of separate pieces of fabric that encase the base of cushions and couch or they include thick pads of material to drape over the seat. Whatever design you choose, make sure it protects your favorite seat from pets, youngsters, and occasional beverage spills. 

Let’s see our top-rated handmade Manstad cover that looks stylish and lasts longer:

1. Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Cover

You can go for an easy-breezy polyester spandex sofa cover that fits your sofa with stretchy fabric. This material is easily washable, so you can slip it on and enjoy using it for years. You can choose from different color options ranging from neutral to bold for making a statement.

2. Ultra-Soft Sofa Cover

You can invest in easy to care, ultra-soft sofa cover to enjoy the ability to tuck and adjust it for a seamless finish. It comes in various sizes for covering chairs and loveseats. It may take a little time to put on but the effort is all worth it with visibly impressive style.

3. Printed Cushion Sofa Slipcover

Patterned sofa covers are ever-lasting. If you want something more than plain covers, you can elevate your interior design with a patterned slipcover. It is generally made of two materials like polyester and spandex, making it stretchy enough to fit three-seater sofas. You can go for different shades and patterns to achieve a romantic feel.

4. L-Shaped Cushion Sofa Slipcover

Well, an L-shaped sectional couch is a huge investment, so if it gets stained, it can ruin the whole look and feel. You will thank us for the custom-made L-shaped sofa slipcover comprised of high-quality fabric and trendy colors, making it a great alternative to replacing or recovering the furniture.

5. Patchwork Loveseat Cover

A patchwork sofa cover looks supremely beautiful when draped over a loveseat. It is a great shield for the back, arms, and seat of the sofa from unwanted mess and spills. Keep in mind that this style doesn’t work with others so you will need to tuck it into seat cushions.

6. Polyester Velvet Slipcover

Let your furry friend feel comfortable and lively at home without compromising on your favorite furniture. A lavish, velvet sofa cover is a wonderful choice to protect your couch from dirty paws. You can find it in a variety of colors and sizes to feel sustainable and royal.

For those who are planning for a relocation or amazing style revamp, you can opt for our custom-made slipcovers to match your entire interior design. Whatever the size, color, and fabric you need, we have everything covered for you to help you achieve a subtle yet fabulous look.

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